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Cultivate a healthy money relationship, track your spending habits, gain tailored insights — achieve financial well-being.

The Future of Finance is Bespoke

Take control of your financial wellbeing. Explore our AI-powered solution for your unique financial goals where innovation meets personalization.

Engaging Onboarding Assessment

Engaging Onboarding Assessment

Kickstart your financial journey on Aspayr by answering dynamic quizzes, which serves as a starting point, helping users identify areas for improvement in their financial literacy.

Secure Financial Data Integration

Secure Financial Data Integration

Users have the option to integrate their bank accounts securely with Aspayr, allowing the app to access transaction history and analyze spending patterns.

Aspayrᵀᴹ Proprietary AI

Aspayrᵀᴹ Proprietary AI

Our AI model personalizes the user experience, offering smart and actionable financial recommendations based on user behavior, goals, and industry best practices.


Some Unique Benefits of using Aspayrᵀᴹ

What's in it for you

Take control of your financial wellbeing. Explore our AI-powered solution for your unique financial goals where innovation meets personalization.

Tailored Insights

We delve into your financial footprint, deciphering your unique patterns, and crafting insights that match your personal financial exploits.

Personalized Dashboard

Guide you in crafting a financial portfolio that’s as individual as your fingerprint. From investment options to creating budget plans.

Streamlined Lessons

An evolving curriculum that adapts to your pace, ensuring your learning experience is as unique as your financial goals.

🌎 Global Statistics

Did you know?

Aspayrᵀᴹ is dedicated to enhancing its users’ financial well-being.


of Polish young adults are considered to be financially literate. (40th Globally)


of millennials qualify as financially literate in the United States of America.


of college educated millennials carry at least one outstanding long-term debt.

We are strongly driven by the realization of the SDGs by 2030.

In accordance with the 8th SDG (Decent Work and Economic Growth),
4 Billion i.e. 70% of the adult population is projected to become financially literate by 2030. The current figure stands at less than half of that.

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